Five ways to get the most out of your Pre-Paid Card on Holiday

cardsCOUNTING, exchanging and carrying cash can be some of the most taxing parts of any holiday.

But thankfully, neteller new pre-paid cards can be a handy solution with fewer risks and less confusion.

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Here, its head of content,  looks at five key things you need to consider to when purchasing prepaid cards for use at home or abroad:

Pre-paid cards are an increasingly popular holiday money choice for Brits heading abroad. They tend to be cheaper than debit cards, credit cards and traveller’s cheques and are safer than carrying around wads of cash.

Here are five things worth knowing if you’re thinking of taking out a pre-paid card.

1. Visa or Mastercard signs

Pre-paid cards use the Visa or Mastercard payment networks so in the same way as a debit or credit card, they can be used wherever you see those signs.

2. Stay loaded

Pre-paid cards work in a similar way to pay-as-you go mobiles – you load money on to the card as and when you need to.

Most providers allow you to make top-ups online, which is really convenient as you can top up when you are on holiday if needs be.

Some are more restrictive though so check this out before you sign up.

3. No credit check

There is no credit check when you apply for a pre-paid card as you can only spend the money that you load on, so there is no credit facility.

As such, you should have no problems getting one even if your credit history isn’t great.

4. Choose your currency

If you are getting a pre-paid card to use abroad on holiday the currency of the country you are visiting is important. If you tend to holiday in Europe a euro card will be ideal.

Similarly, those who go to the US a lot can get a dollar card.

With these your money is converted into the local currency as soon as it is loaded onto the card so you will have an idea about the exchange rate you’re getting.

However, if you are going further afield or go away a few times a year to different places a global prepaid card will be better.

With these, your money is converted into the local currency at the point the card is used.

5. A cheaper option

Using a pre-paid card abroad is usually a cheaper option than a credit or debit card.

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